⭐️ The sites below and their authors are inspiring me, that’s why they are in my favorites!

πŸ”Έ Their authors might be not younger than me but the way they think Technical Writing is young: new, adaptable, moving forward, close to the development. They renew the way documentation is made while capitalizing on experience, just like I’m doing with Coffee Cup.

The time where documentation was written apart from development, in separated departments, producing content in word processing tools is, or tends to be, over.

As I wrote elsewhere in this site, Documentation is the twin of Development, a helping and supporting twin.
Some of these authors even relate that documentation improved the way services/softwares were developed!

πŸ”— Read the story of Riona Macnamara at Google

Thank you to:

  1. @I’d Rather Be Writing and the 100+ API doc sites he listed πŸ”—

  2. @Peter Gruenbaum and his great lessons about API documentation πŸ”—

  3. @ProgrammableWeb for complete information πŸ”—

  4. @Write the Docs pour ses ressources sur le concept de Docs as Code πŸ”—