GUI Documentation

Technical Writing is Helping

Technical Writing is helping people use your application. Whatever your application is a mobile or a desktop application, a B-to-B or a B-to-C, the purpose is the same: you have to guide the user through a series of screens to get the best out of your application and ensure user satisfaction.

Support your software through an Installation Guide, a Getting Started, tutorials and how-tos, keeping in mind this aim: user satisfaction. Of course, References Manuals (either printed or as Help) still remain useful.

This is good in GUI Documentation

Pleasant in GUI Documentation are:

  • The logic in the application
  • The information to put in the screens

The logic in the application is really pleasant to discover when documenting. You have to understand the programming logic and to find out the best way to use the application at the same time (i.e. the user’s logic).

The information to enter in the screens is a good part of the job too. You are the first user of the application, learns to know the business behind the application and search for relevant information to put in.

As Technical Author for software and business applications, you are a beta tester with writing skills, and a product communication manager as well.

Markdown and the Satic Website Generators

I have always had a weakness for online documentation, in HTML. Now it’s Markdown! See my page dedicated to it: 🔗 Markdown

Coffee Cup Services in GUI Documentation

languages The documentation can be written in either English, French or German

Coffee Cup helps writing and creating quality…

  • Documentation websites
  • API documentation
  • Readme files
  • Installation guides
  • Configuration guides
  • Getting Started guides
  • User manuals
  • Reference manuals
  • Tutorials
  • How-tos

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