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About Coffee Cup


Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup is a French company created early 2019 by Florence Venisse to offer services in technical writing. Coffee Cup focuses on API & SDK documentation but is also proficient in online documentation, and in technical translating as well.

Florence Venisse started as trainee technical writer at Sage, writing reference manuals and classic online helps for accounting software.
Then she entered a first start-up, to take charge of the whole documentation around the message broker that was developed. She documented SDKs and created HTML online helps for the first time.
She left to work as Freelance Technical Writer and Translator. Most of their clients were start-ups but alos SMEs and large companies and she enjoyed being a part of many precursory projects.

Many contracts and projects later, she is now a Senior Technical Writer and renews her way of working to focus on Docs as Code. Swagger, Markdown, Git and SourceTree are the keywords of the moment!

Coffee Cup is thus a new company with a solid background.

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Documentation is like a GPS...

You can find your way without but it's easier with. Of course you can drive to your goal without a GPS or even a map. But it assumes that you already know your destination, and the way to go there. Else, you certainly will lost time and serenity, and even never arrive! Have a good GPS, have a good documentation.

Florence Venisse
Senior Technical Writer

Documentation is Hot


Documentation is a major issue for companies. Why spend so much time and money developing the best solution in the world and skip the documentation to save money? Skipping the documentation often means skipping comprehension, and finally let the user turn away.

Improve users' satisfaction

Coffee Cup

Because API and SDK are intended for developers, documentation is often left out because they can "still manage by reading the code". In fact, structured and detailed information is more efficient! Keep in mind that coder’s time is money…

Talk code and more to coders

Coffee Cup

Providing the user with a good documentation means providing the information he needs to be independent with your application. The documentation should be action-oriented, but also attractive and responsive.

Take your end-user by the hand

Coffee Cup