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Localize your Application

Localizing your application and documentation is a major issue to be competitive.

Obviously, this is very important for French applications/APIs to reach an international market, but the opposite is also true to reach the French market. There are advantages to talk to native and non-native speakers in a precise language so that information is clear for everyone.

The temptation is great to use Google Translate to make the work and save money. Sure, the result is very good, especially in English but not that much in German. The problem with it is interpretation. Choosing one word preferably to another depending on the context, searching for a synonym and arbitrate between two translations are human skills.

Make sure your documentation is 100% clear for everyone: localize!

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I’m writing, reading, listening and translating English for more than 20 years. Before studying to become a technical writer and translator, I got my Master’s degree in German. I continue to practice German


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I am the author of this website for which I wrote the texts in English and then in French.

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No translation tools, no ambiguity, only my knowledge and specialized dictionaries.