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Digital Queuing

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“Lineberty enables your customers to take a digital ticket and avoid a physical queue. Your customers select when they wish to pass according to the availability of the place equipped with the solution. Once they have their digital ticket, they can follow in real time their waiting time and will be notified in the case of a delay. They enjoy their free time instead of waiting in line. Lineberty warns them when it’s their turn and invites them to pass without waiting!”

Phase 4

Complete review of Lineberty’s Developer Documentation. New CSS complying with French RGAA Web accessibility criteria. Docusaurus v3.

🔗 The new Lineberty Documentation.

Phases 2 and 3


My mission was to document the Validation API: I made the complete review of the Swagger for the reference documentation part and wrote of the user documentation (in English).

The mission also aimed to migrate the user documentation (made with Hugo, see below) to Docusaurus v2, the Lineberty documentation being expected to grow.

The choice fell on Docusaurus v2 for its advanced online documentation framework that uses Markdown files. Its strong points are navigation, search engine, attractive styling options and rather easy customization. Finally, a ReDoc plugin for Docusaurus provides access to Lineberty’s OpenAPIs directly from the single portal for new documentation. A very successful integration!

This migration to Docusaurus v2 was the occasion for a complete review of the documentation, with a new home page and new icons, a new structure and new diagrams.

Mission Keywords

Docusaurus, REST API, Swagger, Visual Studio Code, Markdown,, ReDoc, GitHub, Sourcetree, anglais.

Phase 1


The Booking API was concerned. It allows companies to create their own booking application. Companies might be any company that deals with people queuing, such as shopping centers, amusement parks, touristic sites, airports, etc.

The booking application might be a mobile application or displayed on a terminal.

The project consisted in:

  • Rewriting and improving the existing OpenAPI documentation (in English)
  • Rewriting and improving the Lineberty API User Guide (in English)

OpenAPI Reference Documentation

The work was a combination of Swagger and a ReDoc template.

Lineberty API User Documentation

The work was a combination of Markdown pages and a Hugo template.