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Prior to Coffee Cup

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Prior to Coffee Cup

Prior to Coffee Cup I already worked as a Technical Writer and Translator. Actually, I started to work as a Freelance just before 2000. During those many years, I worked for more than 30 companies, mainly based in France, but also in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Most of them were startups, but some were medium-sized enterprises too. Coffee Cup is a renewed way to offer services in Technical Writing and Translations, relying on a solid experience.

Various Projects


B-to-B applications

In alphabetical order

360 immersive views - Communication between doctors and the health system - Content management - Digital mapping - Financial Product management - Java development - Online mailing services - Optical measurements - Telecommunications - Trading - Various business management software and security software.

B-to-C applications

In alphabetical order

The first French eBook - e-commerce solutions - Various teaching books about using Windows (networks and security).

Document Types

For those companies I wrote, rewrote, translated, relooked and/or created many: Administration, configuration, installation guides - Case studies - Development manuals - Getting Started guides - Help systems (.chm or HTML) - Reference Manuals - User Guides. Books and booklets - Brochures - Business and marketing presentations - Flyers - Press releases - Product pages - Tutorials - Videos and scenarios - White papers and more.

Tools and Techs

I worked under Windows, MacOS and Linux (Mandrake). I’m still working under Windows and MacOS. Do you remember PalmOS and Wap applications? WindowsCE?

I learned using the complete Microsoft Office Suite - RoboHelp since it was a Bluesky software - Paint Shop since it was a Jasc Software and now a Corel software - many Adobe software such as Acrobat, FrameMaker, PageMaker and Photoshop - QuarkXPress - and other software and tools.

Prior to Coffee Cup

Some years ago, I founded a company to sale the bags and jewels I made. I created and managed two websites: a corporate one, using a nice template, and an online shop that I created and managed with Prestashop. Photos, images, social networks, newsletters… I made it all by myself. It was a good experience!