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Example: Mailing Services

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Prior to Coffee Cup I already worked as a Technical Writer and Translator. Actually, I started to work as a Freelance just before 2000. During those many years, I worked for more than 30 companies, mainly based in France, but also in Germany and in the United Kingdom. Most of them were startups, but some were medium-sized enterprises too. Coffee Cup is a renewed way to offer services in Technical Writing and Translations, relying on a solid experience.

Mailev@ by Télépost

Among these 30 companies was Télépost, a subsidiary of La Poste (the French mailing company) which created a service for professionals to send letters and faxes online.

This project is notable because:

  • I made a full HTML online Help in a text editor
  • The mailing service still exists

The colors match the graphic charter of the service at that time. I made the icons (i.e. “note”, “see also”…) to match the charter too.

The Help was exhaustive with a menu, user information, samples, tips, index, overall information, and popup windows! It was integrated to the Mailev@ web site.

Mailev@ HTML Help