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Prior to Coffee Cup I already worked as a Technical Writer and Translator. Actually, I started to work as a Freelance just before 2000. During those many years, I worked for more than 30 companies, mainly based in France, but also in Germany and in the United Kingdom. Most of them were startups, but some were medium-sized enterprises too. Coffee Cup is a renewed way to offer services in Technical Writing and Translations, relying on a solid experience.

Cybook by Cytale

Among these 30 companies was Cytale, which was a precursor. Cytale designed and produced the first (French) eBook to read numeric books and newspapers, and annotate them.

I remember this project because it was so new, and it combined software and hardware at a time. I enjoyed testing it!


My work was to:

  • Create and write the online Help for the Cybook, a full HTML with CSS one made using RoboHelp.
  • Write the printed user manual, keeping in mind that the users might not be familiar with technology at all!

The Help was exhaustive with user information, samples, tips, index, and overall information. Menus and navigation were adapted to the eBook format. Icons were made by a graphic artist.

The HTML Help

Cytale HTML Help

The Booklet

Cytale Booklet