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Data Mining

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🧩 Company working in the Sovereign

Mission without intermediary for a company that prefers to remain anonymous.


Mission to create the documentation (in French) of the company’s SaaS applications.

The company develops data preparation, data mining and data analysis applications for the government.

Senior Technical Writer

Having no initial document, I had to put together a set of documents including communication information about the applications, an installation manual, a user manual for one of the applications, and a good part of the administration manual for these applications.

I also designed and made available in the documentation a set of low-code processes to support the user manual as well as a complete work-flow tutorial that I designed to be as didactic as possible.

I made many diagrams illustrating the architecture as well as the concepts or the work-flow of the applications.

For the installation manual, I have also provided a twin version as a pure HTML/CSS website for stand-alone use without an Internet connection.

The realization of this mission in a defined time of 78 days required a lot of autonomy, efficiency and adaptation.

I suggested Docusaurus v2 to create the website in order to get a professional result as quickly as possible.

In the end, the client got a result beyond his expectations. He now has a documentation website respecting his graphic charter, very professional, with integrated search engine, gathering communication, installation, administration, tutorial and a beginning of APIs documentation.

For this site, I wrote 86 content files, created 22 schematics and made 642 screenshots and other illustrations, and coded 37 processes. Not to mention the adaptation of the structure files, the CSS and the huge sidebar file.

Mission keywords

Data Mining, Data Analysis, Low-Code/No-Code.

Docusaurus, REST API, Visual Studio Code, Markdown, Microsoft Azure, Sourcetree.

This website is not public and therefore cannot be accessed from my Portfolio.