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Smart Data Management

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Mission without intermediary.

Heex Technologies is a start-up based in Paris.

“Heex Technologies helps companies working on autonomous systems to better access the data that they need to deliver on the promise of artificial intelligence.”

Heex’s Smart Data Management solution enables the collection of targeted data on embedded systems in edge computing, to value them, and then to analyze them in a SaaS application.

Phase 2

In this 2nd phase, I created the Heex Documentation website (in English), with 3 reading levels: “public”, “advanced” and “experts”.

Site created with Docusaurus V2. Architecture, structuring to 3 different sections.

  • Writing content based on the existing content from phase 1, often reformulated to adapt to the three types of audience. The contents are all inherently complex.
  • 57 new diagrams made with Excalidraw.
  • Favicon, images, CSS, styling, etc.
  • Commit / push on GitLab.

Mission Keywords

Data Management, Data Curation, Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Computing Continuum, Embedded Systems, REST APIs, SaaS applications.

This web site is not public and cannot be bookmarked in my Portfolio.

Phase 1


My mission was to create the first technical documentation (in English) of the Heex solution, from Miro diagrams and source code.

Senior Technical Writer

This documentation concerned two of the three elements of the Heex solution, those closest to the code: the SDK for embedded systems and the REST API for distribution between the backend and the frontend.

  • For the SDK part, I had to search for information inside the C ++ code itself (modules and libraries) to design, structure and write a complete Readme provided in the repository on GitLab.
  • For the REST API part, I had to go through all the javascript files of the HTTP controllers and routes to create the Swagger reference documentation, and the user documentation.
  • For both, I had to create many architecture diagrams from specification diagrams made under Miro by Heex. This was a work of simplifying a complex thought, the audience being developers as well as business partners.

Consulting activity

In addition to this mission, I created for Heex a Notion Workspace dedicated to the Documentation in order to provide a public view of my documentation work (Notion has a very relevant access management), and to have a management space for my project similar to Jira: Roadmap, collaborative dashboards, text and image content database, etc. In the “seed” start-up phase where Heex is currently, documentation under Notion is an excellent alternative to a documentation website.

This type of Workspace is also very useful for a young start-up to pass its Technical Due Diligence, the documentation playing an all the more important role as the developments are not finalized.

Mission Keywords

Notion, SDK (C++), REST API (Javascript et JSON), Swagger, Visual Studio Code, Markdown, GitLab, Sourcetree, Miro, Notion,, English.

This documentation is not public and therefore cannot be viewed from my Portfolio.