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Secure and Interoperable IoT, Unified LPWANs

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Mission without intermediary.

Acklio is a start-up based in Cesson-Sévigné. Spin-off of the IMT Atlantique, Acklio leverages on 20 years of R&D in Telecoms, Internet and IoT.

“Acklio promotes and develops standard and softwares for low-power wide area networks (LPWAN), specially designed for LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, NB-IoT and LTE-M. SCHC technology was released as an IETF RFC Standard in April 2020.”

Phase 2

Three one-week missions in March, June and October 2022 to update Acklio’s documentation as part of their Developer’s Program.

Ce site Web n’est toujours pas public et ne peut donc être consulté depuis mon Portfolio.

Phase 1


In this first phase, I created the Acklio Documentation website presenting 3 categories of information: general information on SCHC and LPWAN networks, product information on the Acklio software suite, and use cases.

Senior Technical Writer

With existing but heterogeneous written documentation on Confluence (multiple authors), as well as source files on GitLab, the initial challenge was to immerse myself into Acklio’s very specific technological ecosystem in order to master the subject as quickly as possible. I read a lot of documents and did a lot of research to train myself.

Then, the work consisted in using the application, analyzing and sorting the useful information, making trade-offs, adding content (texts and visuals), homogenizing the information to obtain a consistant whole with a clear didactic reading axis.

By the end of the contract, Acklio had a complete website that fully met his expectations, as well as detailed readme files. The target audience was an expert audience of LPWAN and IP networks.

  • Website created with Docusaurus V2.
  • Content is written in Visual Studio Code and pushed to GitLab by using Sourcetree.
  • 42 Markdown files.
  • 105 image files (made mainly with Excalidraw).
  • Custom CSS and structure files (including sidebar).

Mission Keywords

IP stack, SCHC, LPWAN, IoT

This website is not yet public and therefore cannot be viewed from my Portfolio.